Our Food Philosophy

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Signature Sporkers (Sandwiches)

These sandwiches are designed with innovation and flavor, leveraging Todd’s 38 years of culinary experience. Using waffle-griddled sourdough cheese bread as the base, it is a delightful fusion combining the comforting appeal of waffles with the savory goodness of grilled cheese. The variety of toppings (Homemade Bacon Jam, Shaved Ribeye, and Beef Birria) caters to diverse tastes, making for an exciting dining experience!

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"Mom's" Beef Birria Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese evokes cozy flavors and a trip down memory lane. The Spork Eatery version is a comforting and indulgent combination of macaroni and cheese with Beef Birria, a traditional Mexican stew known for its rich flavors. It’s a fusion of comfort food and bold, hearty flavors that stand out on the menu.


Chicken Tinga Nachos

Get your crunch on with our very special Nachos. Chicken Tinga is a popular Mexican dish known for its spicy and smoky flavors. Combining it with fully loaded nachos offers a satisfying and shareable option for diners. The crunchiness of the nachos paired with the flavorful Chicken Tinga is a definitive crowd-pleaser.


Street Tacos with a "Griddled Cheese Crisp"

Taste the fiesta in every bite with our Street Tacos with a unique twist! Tacos are a delicious and popular street food item. A “Griddled Cheese Crisp” adds that special something, giving a crispy and cheesy element to the tacos. This dish represents a fusion of Mexican street food flavors with Todd’s culinary expertise – an unbeatable combination!