Meet Team Spork

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Todd Van Geluwe

Meet Todd, the Spork enthusiast behind Spork Eatery. He’s head over heels for sporkers, naming the joint after his favorite utensil. Todd’s specialty? The Signature Breakfast Sporker that’s a must-try. More than a chef, Todd is the personification of Spork Eatery’s soul. As the face of tasty delights at Spork Eatery, Todd has one rule: eat everything with a spork! Swing by, enjoy the spork-tastic vibes, and let Todd make your taste buds do a happy dance.

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Tanya Smith

Have you met our CKM (Chief Kitchen Mama)? She is here daily, adding a generous helping of love to every dish she whips up in our Spork Eatery Kitchen. Trust us, once you've tasted her Signature Sporkers, "Moms" Mac & Cheese and Street Tacos, you will know why we call her Kitchen Mama... We are super stoked to have her steering the Culinary Yacht, and you will find her in the kitchen or galley.. Come say 'Hi" and enjoy the passion she puts behind each menu item.

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Nikki Bryan

Have you met our CCO (Chief Chaos Officer)? At Spork, Manager Nikki Bryan oversees daily operations, ensuring every guest enjoys a delicious meal made with quality ingredients in a fun, family-friendly environment. Be sure to try her menu favorite, the beef birria tacos, paired with a sweet tea!