How It All Began

Hey, I’m Todd Van Geluwe, chief creator, taster, innovator behind Spork Eatery….and a gastronome.

Many people have asked me “why did you name your eatery “Spork?”  My culinary journey has taken me to many cities, countries and places all over the world.  In this journey I have experienced the entire spectrum of a culinary journey from fine dining all the way to food truck operations, and everything in between.   The Spork Moment goes back to this one specific time when I was attending a wine dinner in Napa Valley at a prominent winery with a well known chef.  I recall eating a very, very high end meal.  I was so internally amused by the amount of silverware at each place setting.  I thought lord, is this absolutely necessary?  During the evening, lord forgive me I selected the wrong “fork” for a course.

To my amazement, I was being stared at by the other attendees at the dinner.  The utter look of shame from them. At that moment I had an epiphany, I could eat this entire meal with a Spork!  The whole time I was thinking if only I had saved the Spork I got from KFC a week earlier, I could have pulled out my trusty plastic Spork out of my suit jacket and could have used one tool for all my food.  If you know me, I would have absolutely done this, and in the process I might have had the other dinner attendees wanting one as well..  Who knows? Frankly who cares. 

Fast forward…in developing Spork’s menu I thought this food is so simple and delicious that you almost need a spoon and a fork to eat it and get all the beauty out of the inside of the dish.  Boom, the Spork came to fruition.  This utensil is perfectly matched to the menu to scoop, spoon, swipe, stick, fork and poke every last bite of delicious food that comes out of our kitchens.  

Humbly I prepared my first Spork item, put on a suit jacket, pair of shorts and flip flops, pulled my Spork out of my suit jacket and dug in. I chuckled to myself and ate my “Mac & Cheese” and the only stares I got were from my side-kick Bella, my dog..